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Ayelet R.
Ayelet R.

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be time-consuming, complicated, or boring.
Thank you to Bayla Haskel at Veg it Out for making lunchtime easier for me this week!!

Aylana M.
Aylana M.

Just need to give a shout out to Bayla Haskel and her company Veg it Out.
When I signed up to beta test for her I did not realize how insane life was about to get (Carona!), but there’s literally nothing like finishing a crazy 3-hour meeting, realizing you’re starving, and being able to pull a healthy, amazing meal out of your fridge.
And yes, I am shocking myself by recommending vegan food, but it’s seriously just that delicious.

Sura R.
Sura R.

My dad says he might just become vegetarian! Veg it Out  sushi bowl is delicious!

Carly P.
Carly P.

I’m extremely picky. Like I don’t eat most vegetables and I’ve been loving all of Veg it Out’s Bowls. It’s a miracle!

Veg It Out
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